About Us

It’s been 40 years since Cowboy Grub first opened its doors in 1975 on Foothill Drive. Now blazing new trails, Cowboy Grub is excited to experience a new future in East Millcreek.

Cowboy Grub was originally opened as the ultra-casual counterpart to its 5 star fine-dining up-stairs neighbor, The Balsam Embers. While the nationally recognized Balsam required male diners to wear a suit and tie, the Cowboy Grub sported a wall of ties that had been cutoff of diners who dared wear one inside. Although the décor and fashion differed immensely, what both restaurants shared was the attention to quality ingredients and original recipes. Founded on a tradition of 5 star quality and service with an eye towards the casual and affordable, Cowboy Grub has built a solid loyal following.

Today, Cowboy Grub continues this tradition with an on-site bakery where every bread, roll, pie, and cookie is baked fresh daily. Our salad bar is composed of the finest produce, all hand-washed and hand-cut on site. Our sauces, dressings, and soups are all made in the restaurant from real ingredients – no mixes or frozen short-cuts for us.

Cowboy Grub Logo-WhiteOn April 26, 2014, Cowboy Grub had no choice but to close our doors in Foothill and relocate after learning that our original building would be demolished. Having to pack up and leave our home of 40 years was a difficult experience. Re-opening the Grub proved to be even more difficult as it was more like starting over than simply “moving.” However, we did bring along many items that made the old Grub so charming: the cedar planking that covered our walls on Foothill have successfully made the move, along with the wagon wheel chandeliers, bronze cowboy statues and much of our classic cowboy art. The Royal Ardo and Fuzzy Four (the bulls that once hung in our foyer) again grace our walls and our bar has been re-imagined as a bench. While we might look a bit different, one thing remains unchanged – our recipes, quality ingredients, and the affordable food which we offer.

At Cowboy Grub, we embrace the pioneering spirit of the west and believe strongly that hard work, integrity, and a quality product builds a strong business and a loyal following. We are proud of our long history and look forward to the future. Thanks for taking the journey with us!



The Cowboy Grub

3336 South 2300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: (801) 466-8334